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Communication skills | Communication homework help

Professionals working in emergency management roles must be prepared to communicate with their own teams as well as with other agencies. Managers will regularly reflect on the success of various communication approaches with different groups as part of the agency’s improvement process. To identify areas needing improvement, emergency management specialists may request information to help them make effective decisions.

Write a 175- to 350-word reflection on your experience in last week’s collaborative discussion as if you were reporting to your manager on your recent experience with this group’s communication skills.

What did you learn about your own communication skills? How might you improve your communication skills to be more prepared for emergencies?

What did you notice about your group’s communications that might help or hinder interagency collaboration? If your team had planned this trip in real life, how might you communicate more effectively next time?

What was your main takeaway from your group’s discussion? How might the skills that you practiced in this activity be relevant to your future profession or community?


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