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Financial analysis proficiency | Finance homework help

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a. State the text?s definition of job security.
b. Evaluate the text?s definition of job security. Is it effective? If you think not, offer a better definition of job security.
c. As a team, do you agree that improving your skills on the four dimensions in Collaboration Exercises 1 through 4 will increase your job security?
d. Do you think technical skills (accounting proficiency, financial analysis proficiency, etc.) provide job security? Why or why not? Do you think students in 1990 would have answered this differently? Why or why not?

Nevelyn Smith is moving into a loft apartment and is required to have renters insurance to protect her personal property. She has an excellent credit rating and elects to purchase a policy that will cover $20,000 in personal property, cover $300,000 in liability, and have a deductible of $ 1,000. Nevelyn also selects an endorsement for her $8,500 engagement ring and $2,000 for her camera equipment. Find her annual renters insurance premium.


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