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z = -5w, using points with w = 1 and w = 3.
For the above line, find the slopes between the two given points by finding the change in output divided by the change in input. What is the ratio of the output to the input at each of the points? Which are proportional relations? Which are increasing and which are decreasing? Sketch a graph.

Use geometry software to construct a circle. Label it circle M and measure its area.
a. Construct another circle with twice the area of circle M and label it circle L.
b. Construct another circle with half the area of circle M and label it circle S.
c. Describe the method you used to determine the size of each circle.
d. Calculate the ratio of the diameters of circle L to circle M, circle M to circle S, and circle L to circle S. Explain why these ratios make sense?


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