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Investment | Finance homework help

A recent MBA graduate, Dara, has gained control over custodial accounts that her parents had established. Currently, her money is invested in four funds but she has identified several other funds as options for investment. She has $100,000 to invest with the following restrictions:
? Keep at least $5,000 in savings.
? Invest at least 14% in the money market fund.
? Invest at least 16% in international funds.
? Keep 35% of funds in current holdings.
? Do not allocate more than 20% of funds to any one investment except for the money market and savings account.
? Allocate at least 30% into new investments.

Drawing upon the new trade theory and Porter?s theory of national competitive advantage, outline the case for government policies that would build national competitive advantage in biotechnology. What kinds of policies would you recommend that the government adopt? Are these policies at variance with the basic free trade philosophy?


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