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Typical media used for quenching include air, brine (10% salt in water), water, and various oils.
(a) Rank the four media in order of the cooling rate from fastest to slowest.
(b) Describe a situation when quenching in air would be undesirable.
(c) During quenching in liquid media, typically either the part being cooled or the bath is agitated. Explain why.

An enthalpy-concentration diagram is given in Figure for a mixture of n-hcxanc (H). and n-octane (0) at 101 kPa. Using this diagram, determine the following:
(a) The mole-fraction composition of the vapor when a liquid containing 30 mol% H is heated from point A to the bubble-point temperature at point B.
(b) The energy required to vaporize 60 mol% of a mixture initially at l00oF and containing 20 mol% H (point G).
(c) The compositions of the equilibrium vapor and liquid resulting from part(b).


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