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Queen Kelly Resources Group has been in its plant facility for 15 years. Although the plant is quite functional, numerous repair costs are incurred to maintain it in sound working order. The company?s plant asset book value is currently $800,000, as indicated below.
Original cost ……… $1,200,000
Accumulated depreciation …. 400,000
$ 800,000
During the current year, the following expenditures were made to the plant facility.
(a) Because of increased demands for its product, the company increased its plant capacity by building a new addition at a cost of $270,000.
(b) The entire plant was repainted at a cost of $23,000.
(c) The roof was an asbestos cement slate. For safety purposes it was removed and replaced with a wood shingle roof at a cost of $61,000. Book value of the old roof was $41,000.
(d) The electrical system was completely updated at a cost of $22,000. The cost of the old electrical system was not known. It is estimated that the useful life of the building will not change as a result of this updating.
(e) A series of major repairs were made at a cost of $47,000, because parts of the wood structure were rotting.
The cost of the old wood structure was not known. These extensive repairs are estimated to increase the useful life of the building.

Indicate how each of these transactions would be recorded in the accounting records.


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