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Sketch this cycle on a P V diagram | Engineering homework help

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An ideal gas. Cp = (7 / 2) R and Cv = (5 / 2) R, undergoes a cycle consisting of the following mechanically reversible steps:
? An adiabatic compression from P1, V1. T1 to P2, V2, T2.
? An isobaric expansion from P2. V2, T2 to P3 = P2, V3. T3,
? An adiabatic expansion from P3. V3. T3 to P4, V4, T4.
? A constant-volume process from P4, V4, T4 to P1, V1 = V4, T1.
Sketch this cycle on a P V diagram and determine its thermal efficiency if Ti – 200 C, T2 = 1000 C. and 7*5 = 1.700 C?


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