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Robert?s American gourmet snack foods produces herbal-based snacks such as Spirulina Spirals and St. Johns Wort Tortilla Chips. According to the company president, ?We?re selling like crazy. We don?t do research. We react as sort of a karma thing.? How would you explain the firm?s success? What are the advantages and risks of this approach?

A Gallup poll taken during June 2011 estimated that 8.8% of U.S. adults were unemployed.
The poll was based on the responses of 30,000 U.S. adults in the workforce. Gallup reported that the margin of error associated with the poll is ±0.3 percentage points. Explain how they got this result. (www.gallup.com/poll/125639/Gallup-Daily-Workforce.aspx.)


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