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Describe concurrent engineering | Engineering homework help

Describe concurrent engineering. How does it relate to system engineering?

An engineer is a professional trained in the design and build structures, machines, and complex systems. An engineer devises practical applications of scientific discoveries to meet societal needs.

Juice is evaporated in a 2-stage process. Juice containing 6% solids enters the first evaporator. It leaves the first evaporator and enters the second evaporator at 18% solids. 400 kg/hr at 36% solids leaves the second evaporator. Calculate the water removed from each evaporator, the feed rate to the first evaporator, and feed rate to the second evaporator.

Assume that you, as manager of the system engineering department, need to gain some good visibility as to how well your organization is performing. What type of reports (or reporting requirements) would you require of your organization? How often would they be required?

System engineering planning commences early at program inception with the definition of overall program requirements. Why is it essential that this planning activity start as soon as possible? What is likely to happen if system engineering planning is initiated later?


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