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Virology | Biology homework help

  1. Briefly describe why viruses are said to exist as populations of sequences, and not single sequences. What is the technical term for this concept?
  2. Are viruses alive?
  3. Explain four characteristics you could identify to distinguish living organisms from viruses since they are not considered to be living organisms.
  4. True or false? Viruses can reproduce by themselves, and they do not need a host cell to multiply.
  5. Are viruses alive? Explain.
  6. Humans are more likely to be infected by viruses after the virus has a chance to multiply outside the body on surfaces touched by infected people. 1. True 2. False
  7. Viruses a. can be free-living or parasitic. b. belong to the domain Archaea. c. can function and reproduce only inside a host cell. d. all of the above are correct


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