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Virology | Biology homework help

  1. What is meant by microneutralization titlers?
  2. The mimivirus genome is 1 million nucleotides long. How many genes does it code for? A) 1. B) 9. C) 98. D) 979. E) 97,982.
  3. If it was your choice, would you classify a virus as living or dead and why. Explain.
  4. Are viruses nonliving or living? Describe the structure and function of a virus with points stating why a virus is considered on the borderline between living and nonliving.
  5. Does a virus possess all of the properties of a living organism?
  6. Humans fight disease with medicines, but human bodies also fight pathogens using the immune system. Will a naked or an enveloped virus be easier to eliminate? Why?
  7. Explain the statement “the virus is a different version of the same machine as the cell.”


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