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Virology | Biology homework help

  1. What is the difference in a helical capsid and Icosahedra capsid? a. What is different about the structure of a Bacteriophage? b. What is different about a “Poxvirus?”
  2. Explain why viruses are not considered to be alive, and discuss why this might not be an appropriate classification. Why are antiviral drugs often ineffective?
  3. Which of the following viruses have double stranded DNA genomes? Select all that apply. \\ Paramyxovirus \\ Reovirus \\ Bornavirus \\ Poxvirus \\ Cystovirus \\ Baculovirus
  4. Viruses are made up of only atoms and molecules; they contain genes in the form of either DNA or RNA. They have no metabolic activity and therefore, cannot maintain a steady internal state. When a…
  5. Are viruses considered living organisms? Why so/not so.
  6. Tobacco Mosaic Viruses (TMV) has been isolated from virtually all commercial tobacco products. Why, then, is TMV infection not an additional hazard for smokers?


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