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Internet Security | Information Systems homework help

  1. Discuss how most viruses and malware are classified. How is exposure measured?
  2. Name three characteristics of viruses. Are viruses living or nonliving? Defend your answer.
  3. What does anti-malware software protect against? (a) virus (b) trojan (c) horse (d) spyware (d) boat (e) all the above.
  4. What is nation state hacking?
  5. What is the objective of a network reconnaissance attack?
  6. What is reconnaissance in hacking?
  7. What is reconnaissance in ethical hacking?
  8. Give some examples of computer worms.
  9. When an attacker breaks into your PC, a. it is definitely a crime. b. it may be a crime. c. it is the victim’s fault. d. then the best defense is to shut off your PC.


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