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Virology | Biology homework help

(a) Why are naked viruses generally more resistant to disinfectants than are enveloped viruses?

(b) How do prions differ from viruses and viroids?

(c) Compare and contrast the replication strategies of DNA viruses, RNA viruses, and reverse-transcribing viruses.

Consider a virus composed of a protein coat surrounding a small segment of genetic material (either DNA or RNA). Viruses cannot reproduce without taking over the genetic “machinery” of their host cell. Based on this description and biological and biologists’ definition of life, should a virus be considered a living organism?


a. What is a virus?

b. How does the virus disrupt the transcription and translation of a normal cell?

c. What happens to humans when a virus takes over the cells?

d. Are viruses beneficial to humans in any way?

e. How can humans protect themselves from viruses?

f. Are there any medicines or vaccines that can prevent or cure from the ills of a virus?



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