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Computer Security | Information Systems homework help

  1. What sort of impacts does RaaS have on businesses and society as a whole? How can these impacts be mitigated?
  2. Which of the following causes the majority of computer security problems? a. human errors b. software errors c. natural disasters
  3. Identify (list and describe) two epolicies that a business could implement to ensure the protection of sensitive corporate data from hackers.
  4. Which of the following is not to be considered a cyber attack? A) A nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that knocks out all electronic devices. B) Trust exploitation. C) Penetration testing. D)…
  5. Which of the following would provide the strongest encryption? A) Random one-time pad B) DES with a 56-bit key C) AES with a 256-bit key D) RSA with a 1024-bit key
  6. Describe how businesses protect themselves from the threats and risks of information posed by technology.


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