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Cybersecurity | Information Systems homework help

  1. Are data files used to identify and protect online transactions using a trusted third party. a) Digital certificates b) SSL c) Analog certificates d) Analog confirmations e) Digital confirmations
  2. SSL is a ____. a) Protocol b) A technology c) A kind of digital signature d) A virus
  3. Explain the following five cybersecurity risks in the banking industry: 1. Unencrypted data 2. Malware 3. Third-party services that are not secure 4. Data that has been manipulated 5. Spoofing
  4. Define the term hijacking as it relates to cybersecurity.
  5. Why is cybersecurity important for remote employees?
  6. Why is cybersecurity and privacy important to business?
  7. In virtual organizations, it is difficult to establish a common set of norms. Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
  8. Why is cybersecurity not only an IT problem in a business?


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