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Computer Security | Information Systems homework help

  1. Fill in the blank. A computer ______ is a set of self-replicating program instructions that surreptitiously attaches itself to a legitimate executable file on a host device.
  2. Your best defense against someone guessing your password is to be smart about how you choose and use your password. a) True. b)False.
  3. What does an effective penetration test consist of? Explain.
  4. What is the most secure operating system? Windows, Mac, Linux, android iOS or Apple iOS? And why?
  5. What are the risks associated with more applications running on fewer physical servers than in a traditional data center?
  6. (a) What is threat modeling? (b) What is stride? (c) Provide an example of how organizations use stride in threat modeling.
  7. Discuss the three main areas of accountability(IT security, information security, and Enterprise security) regarding information security. Provide an example for each area.
  8. How information security risk management is important in the development of corporate strategy?
  9. What is active reconnaissance?


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