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Computer Security | Information Systems homework help

  1. What are the top three security trends in the IT industry and why do they matter to your industry? How might these trends impact your organization?

Do these trends point to the future direction of your industry?

  1. Discuss the risks of pharming and phishing with respect to identity theft, including spam emails claiming to come from well-known companies and financial institutions .Include a discussion of some of the current techniques being deployed to reduce pharming and phishing, including how effective they are.
  2. What is an efficient scheme for maintaining a per-user protection scheme? That is, the system maintains one directory per user, and that directory lists all the objects to which the user is allowed access. Your design should address the needs of a system with 1,000 users, of whom no more than 20 are active at any time. Each user has an average of 200 permitted objects; there are 50,000 total objects in the system.
  3. Suppose that a symmetric cryptosystem with a 32-bit key length is used to encrypt messages written in English and encoded in ASCII. Given that keys are short, an attacker is using a brute-force exhaustive search method to decrypt a ciphertext of bytes. Estimate the probability of uniquely recovering the plaintext corresponding to the ciphertext for the following values of t: 8, 64, and 512.


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