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Cybersecurity | Information Systems homework help

  1. Some experts argue that CERT’s posting of security holes on its Web site causes more security break-ins than it prevents and should be stopped. What are the pros and cons on both sides of this argument? Do you think CERT should continue to post security holes?
  2. Identify what you believe to be the most significant challenge faced by today’s Corporate Security Director or CSO (in a typical company)? Then briefly explain why you chose this particular challenge?
  3. Recently, hackers stole data of 50 million users of Uber. Uber had to pay a sum of nearly $100,000 to the hackers to delete the stolen data. How can an organization ensure their privacy is preserved from hackers in the most effective way?
  4. A plan must be tested to determine its likely effectiveness. Do an Internet search on “disaster recovery” and share your findings. Look for something fascinating and unique on which to report. What types of disaster recoveries have been documented? Were the recoveries based on well-planned procedures? How can these documented events be used to the benefit of others?
  5. What are the cybersecurity risks in the banking industry, and how can you detect and prevent cybercrime and fraud in that industry? How does the auditing function assist in preventing fraud in this case?


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