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Computer Security | Information Systems homework help

Perform encryption and decryption using the RSA algorithm, as below for the following:

p=3; q=11, e=7; M=5

p=5; q=11, e=3; M=9

p=7; q=11, e=17; M=8


Key Generation by Alice:

Select p, q; p and q both prime, p


Calculate n = p



(n) = (p – 1)(q – 1).

Select integer e; gcd (

(n), e) = 1; 1 < e <


Calculate d; d

e – 1(mod


Public key; PU = {e, n}.

Private key: PR = {d, n}.


Encryption by Bob with Alice’s Public Key

Plaintext: M < n

Ciphertext: C = Memodn


Decryption by Alice with Alice’s Public Key

Ciphertext: C

Plaintext: M = Cdmodn


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