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Artificial Intelligence | Computer Science homework help

  1. Computer simulations and expert systems provide good examples of which of the following? a. proxemics b. artificial intelligence c. executive processing d. automatic processing
  2. Creating computer programs capable of doing things that require intelligence when done by people refers to a. artificial intelligence. b. proxemics. c. cerebrotonic. d. computerized creativity.
  3. The greatest difference between computers and the human mind is the mind s ability to: a. store memories b. encode information c. retrieve memories d. experience consciousness
  4. Research using computers to understand artificial intelligence is an example of [{Blank}] research. (a) pure (b) longitudinal (c) applied (d) None of these
  5. Compare and contrast the AI strategy for managing change and the double-loop learning organization focused on creating change. How are they similar and different?
  6. Some mass transit system vehicles operate without human drivers. What psychological construct does this illustrate? a. Resilience b. Autonomy c. Functionality d. Artificial intelligence.


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