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Artificial Intelligence | Computer Science homework help

Given the fact that there are financial and technical resource constraints in both governmental and not-for-profit agencies that contribute to security risks, is it still important or necessary for those types of businesses to invest in artificial intelligence? Why or why not?

Researchers in which field have criticized the approach of defining intelligence in terms of a small set of general mental abilities measured by IQ tests and believe, instead, that a better approach would be to specify what is meant by intelligent behavior in enough detail that computers could be programmed to act intelligently?

a. Artificial intelligence
b. Proxemics
c. Cerebronics
d. Experiential processing

Imagine an AI robot that can engage spontaneously in a wide variety of conversational topics, can do the dishes and can act in very life-like ways by expressing emotion and judging human reactions. This robot is most likely considered:

a) artificial superintelligence

b) artificial narrow intelligence

c) artificial general intelligence

d) artificial specific intelligence



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