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Artificial Intelligence | Computer Science homework help

Which of the following is based on the fact that many tasks can be reduced to a set of clearly stated rules that can be applied to a body of information?

a. proxemics

b. artificial intelligence

c. functional fixedness

d. automatic processing

Which of the following are programs that attempt to duplicate human behavior, including thinking, decision making, and problem solving, and are used to test models of human cognition?

a. computer simulations

b. novice systems

c. modular systems

d. computer symbiotics

Artificial intelligence involves

a. the training of non-human mammals to perform helping behaviors for disabled persons.

b. the language training of non-human primates.

c. computer programs capable of doing things that require intelligence when done by people.

d. the study of proxemics and other non-verbal intelligence in humans.

Concerning Siri, which of the following statements is false?

a. Siri is an “intelligent personal assistant” first made available on Apple’s iPhone 4S.

b. A person can talk to Siri and “she” talks back with Siri operating in a simple question and answer mode.

c. Siri can engage in a believable free-flowing conversation with people.

d. Siri often misunderstands questions and can offer famously odd-ball responses.

Computer scientist Aaron Sloman stated that “Human brains don’t work by magic, so whatever it is they do should be doable by machine.”. The resulting computer programs can then help us understand how people do those same things.

These statements explain the field of

a. computerized creativity.

b. proxemics.

c. cerebrotonic.

d. artificial intelligence.

If a computer program behaves as humans do, including making the same errors, then the program may be a good model of how we think. Thus, when a computer acts as a “laboratory” for testing models of cognition, it is referred to as a

a. computer symbiotic.

b. novice system.

c. modular system.

d. computer simulation.


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