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Sally is seven years old and is displaying learning difficulties in the classroom. You are the psychologist her mother and teacher have called upon to help in this situation. Sally is off-task and out of her seat, cries when given math problems or sentences to write, hides under her desk until forced to engage with the academic task, will not eat lunch, and sits alone at the far end of the playground during recess. (a) Create an ABC model (a. labeled correctly with b. an example) using the one behavior of most concern to you.

Give personal examples of your behaviors that were motivated both intrinsically and extrinsically. What do you remember about your attitude shifts while executing those behaviors, as well as your long-term attitudes that might have changed or confirmed those behaviors?

Claire is having trouble understanding what her manager is asking her to do. She thinks she may have set him down, but she is not sure because her manager uses vague language to describe his concerns. Which of the following cultural differences could explain this miscommunication?

a. Uncertainty acceptance versus uncertainty avoidance

b. Individualistic versus collectivistic

c. High-power distance versus low-power distance

d. High context versus low context

e. Masculine versus feminine



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