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Strategy Map | Management homework help

Create a diagnostic model that can be applied to the management of change. For instance, your model can use components of the 7-S Model or the Star Model. Then, discuss in what situations your model would be best utilized and how it differs from at least one other model.

“Strategy Map is one of the important tools to translate the company’s strategic Human resources management policies and practices ” Explain the statement with discussion and examples on the strategy map.

Choose two specific strategies from this list.

Ensuring Coherence in Strategic Direction

Value Chain Analysis

Resource View of Firm

Industry Life Cycle Strategies

Portfolio Management and the BCG Matrix

Apply them to the organization Dippin’ Dots. Be sure to think strategically and show the results clearly. If you were in a position to advise this company, what strategy would you recommend to sustain competitive advantage and achieve future growth? Be specific and list the steps the company should take for successful implementation of your course of action.


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