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XYZ Inc. is scattered throughout the globe as a transportation logistics business in Asia, Germany, India, and the United States. The headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Up until now, the company has not had a code of ethics. Employees have not had business code of conduct or diversity training. Every division handles issues differently. There has been no attempt by management to determine what the company culture is to help make the company the same no matter where their employees are located. They realize this must change if they are to build a truly great company and a global team with an inclusive while diverse culture. Help XYZ Inc. address their problems by completing the checklist items.

See the company’s current organizational structure.

Address the following items:


1) Identify the characteristics needed in implementing a shared culture and explain how this will help the organization.

2) Explain how the culture will be affected by a global context. What are some of the global implications? Use the Competing Values Framework in assessing the situation.

3) Explain the importance of ethical leadership involved in implementing a new organization structure.

4) Analyze the current organizational structure and identify the key questions the executives need to answer in order to create the most effective and suitable organizational structure and culture.


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