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Business | Management homework help

  1. Culture can be described as the way we do things around here. What contributes to a company’s culture? How do the three key hypotheses of Positive Accounting Theory (PAT) explain managerial motivations for corporate earnings management?
  2. For project management, outline the seven (7) sources of conflict that can arise during a project.
  3. Explain with examples each of the eight steps in the strategic management process.
  4. Answer the following questions: a) How do status and size differences affect group performance? b) How can cohesiveness and diversity support group effectiveness?
  5. Answer true or false: If a leader decides to demonstrate a sense of humor, the best way to do so would be to publicly make fun of other people and mistakes they have made.
  6. Answer true or false: Alternative Evaluation Process can be stopped as soon as the first satisfactory solution is proposed.


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