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Compare and contrast situational, path-goal and leader-member exchange approaches to leadership. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of each. Provide real-world examples, showing in what setting each theory might be most relevant and impactful.

What is the difference between the forces for change and planned change? How can organizations overcome resistance to change? How can managers create a culture for change?

A food truck operator originally produced hamburgers and hotdogs. To serve the tastes of their various customers, the hot dog vendor decides to start producing turkey dogs and ham sandwiches as well. Since the new products were introduced, average costs rose dramatically. The vendor is experiencing:

a. Economies of scope.

b. Diseconomies of scope.

c. Economies of scale.

d. Diseconomies of scale.

ABC Trucking conducted an analysis of employee job satisfaction and turnover and concluded that its turnover rate was 48%. This was primarily attributed to job dissatisfaction by employees. This represents a(n) _____ for ABC.

A. external force for change

B. social and political pressure

C. technological advancements

D. internal force for change


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