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Explain how changes in technology contributed to the globalization of markets and production. Would the globalization of production and markets have been possible without these technological changes? How do the Internet and the associated World Wide Web affect international business activity and the globalization of the world economy?

Assume an enterprise is considering establishment of a foreign production facility. Which of the following best supports this decision?

A. Its foreign competitors have higher production costs than it has.

B. Its main competitor successfully opened a foreign plant.

C. Its suppliers follow an agglomeration strategy.

D. None of its competitors have foreign production facilities.

The Sullivan Co. needs to raise $65.9 million to finance its expansion into new markets. The company will sell new shares of equity via a general cash offering to raise the needed funds. The offer price is $59 per share and the company’s underwriters charge a spread of 8.5%.

How many shares need to be sold?


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