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Globalization | Business homework help

Globalization, which causes the countries involved to become more interconnected, clearly has tremendous social and political implications. It also has a cultural dimension to it, due to worldwide communications that facilitate global connections. Cultural globalization may lead to a more civic global society with a greater consensus on civic values. It may also diminish the rich diversity of human civilization, as the Asian, Islamic, South American, and other non-Western values become increasingly generic. For many, the preservation of distinct cultural traditions is a very serious matter. Is globalization a form of Western imperialism that may homogenize non-Western values? Why or why not? Can homogenization be avoided or mitigated?

The conclusion of the report “The Limits to Growth” published by the Club of Rome in 1972, was widely criticized because they were based on analyses that

a. ignored the potential ability of technological change to generate resource substitutes and increase resource use efficiency.

b. did not take full account of the limited availability of agricultural land and other resources.

c. only considered the potential impact of environmental and resource policies.

d. ignored the limited ability of the environment to assimilate industrial waste products.

e. All of the above.


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