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Globalization | Business homework help

  1. State the uncontrollable elements that businesses have to encounter as they conduct business globally.
  2. In what ways does international economics affect our daily lives? Is this true for all people in all places? Or do economic processes such as globalization affect some regions more than others?
  3. Suppose foreign central banks increase their official holdings of U.S. government securities. How would this affect the U.S. international investment position?
  4. Globalization: a. lowers prices and lowers productivity. b. lowers prices and increases productivity. c. raises prices and lowers productivity. d. raises prices and increases productivity.
  5. A _______ specifies when a government regulatory program will end. a. sunset law. b. sunrise law. c. anti-trust law. d. government mandate.
  6. If you were a business consultant hired to assist a company outline a strategy for going global, what country would you suggest they venture into, what three types of advice would you offer and why?


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