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Globalization | Business homework help

Businesses can use globalization to their advantage by:

a. creating trade barriers to other countries.

b. reducing exports to other countries.

c. finding customers in other countries.

d. insourcing jobs in other countries.

Some of the negative aspects of globalization include:

a. Greater insecurity of employment.

b. Poorer housing and sanitation due to rapid urbanization.

c. Greater vulnerability to environmental degradation.

d. All of the above.

Economic globalization includes the following

a) the spread of culture and ideas, international trade, international migration.

b) international trade, international migration, capital mobility.

c) capital mobility, Westernization, international trade.

d) international trade, capital mobility, neocolonialism.

Under the U.S. method of translation procedures, if the financial statements of the foreign subsidiary of a U.S.company are maintained in U.S. dollars,

A) translation is accomplished through the current rate method.

B) translation is accomplished through the temporal method.

C) translation is not required.

D) the translation method to be used is not obvious.

Which of the following is not the reason for globalizing operations?

A) Reduce costs

B) Improve the supply chain

C) Pursue stockholder approval ratings

D) Understand markets

E) Attract and retain global talent


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