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Internationalization | Business homework help

Which of the following does not represent a reason for globalizing operations?

a. Reduce costs

b. Improve supply chain

c. Understand new markets

d. Attract and retain global talent

e. All of the above are valid reasons

Which of the following is not a reason for a firm to internationalize operations?

a. Track customer complaints

b. Improve the supply chain

c. Provide better goods and services

d. Understand new markets

e. All of the above

f. None of the above

Which of the following statements is true of globalization?

a) It makes countries and markets more independent of each other.

b) It leads to the replacement of regional trade blocs with national markets.

c) It impacts the commercial, economic, social, and political environment.

d) It offers multinational companies fewer ways to reduce their expenses.

A fact about the effect of globalization is that multinational corporations:

a) often take advantage of the unrestrictive legal environments of less-developed countries.

b) have fewer ways in which they can reduce their production costs or increase their sales.

c) have limited access to the labor force or natural resources of less-developed countries.

d) often exploit the natural resources of developed countries without facing any consequences.

Globalization refers to

A) the process of establishing a common world currency.

B) the willingness of individuals within a given country to share knowledge with one another.

C) the process of countries becoming more open to foreign trade and investment.

D) the reduction in growth rates of real GDP per capita as a result of trade with foreign countries.


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