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Global market | Business homework help

  1. Suppose we find that multinational firms are paying much lower wages in some poor countries than they would have to pay in the United States. Would this be sufficient evidence that these firms are exploiting the workers in the poor countries? Why or why not?
  2. Show how markets, demand, and supply affect resource distribution in the United States, identify the elements of private enterprise, and explain the various degrees of competition in the U.S. economic system.
  3. Do you believe that globalization brings more positive benefits or more negative consequences to the world? Justify your answer. Do you believe that the negative consequences could be controlled? Why or why not?
  4. Identify the positive aspects of globalization. Give an example from your own community or the state. Identify the negative aspects. Give examples from your personal life, job, community, or the state.
  5. At present, the world economy is becoming more integrated, open, and competitive than ever before, what is its implication to management? What are the strategies your organization must use to compete in the global market?


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