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Global market | Business & Finance homework help

Can all fundamental concepts of organizational and managerial activities be unified and standardized?

At present, the world economy is becoming more integrated, open, and competitive than ever before, what is its implication to management? What are the strategies your organization must use to compete in the global market?

What is the impact of strategic management on organization performance?

Enumerate and discuss the pillars of management.

The global economy has its most immediate impact on domestic firms through:

a) Geo-political events

b) The growth of currently underdeveloped markets

c) Currency exchange rates

d) Actions taken by the World Trade Organization

Globalization increases the interdependency of the world’s countries. Inflation in one country would most likely:

a. not impact inflation in other countries

b. cause deflation in other countries

c. result in stagflation in other countries

d. relate to inflation in other countries


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