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Globalization | Business & Finance homework help

Why would operating in a global (rather than a strictly domestic) marketplace create a need for additional information managers?

Discuss some of the additional information managers would need and why such information would be valuable?

Leaving aside arguments concerning its inevitability, is globalization an exploitative process? When making your argument, be sure to consider the following facets of globalization:

a. modernization and/or development economics

b. critics of the project of development

c. global trade

In the assembly line of an automobile manufacturer, the car engine is installed first. After this, the product is passed on to the next stage where it is fitted with the hood. The product then goes on to the third step in the process where the wheels are fitted. The above situation, where the finished product of one step becomes the raw material for the next, is an example of _____ interdependence.

A) pooled

B) sequential

C) reciprocal

D) task


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