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Globalization’s impact on jobs and wages | Human resource management homework help

  1. Which of the following is an example of a key player in global sourcing in Latin America? A) Bluem B) Luxoft C) Xceed D) Softek
  2. What are four characteristics of personnel who will most likely be successful working abroad?
  3. In addition to strategy and structure, what are three other factors that are required to build a successful global firm?
  4. What are the three challenges faced by professional service firms when they internationalize?
  5. Indicate whether the following statement is true or false: Productivity is partially dependent upon the interdependence of all workers in a department.
  6. In this new world of globalization, the United States has seen a shift toward grassroots localization as demonstrated by the growth of farmer’s markets and Shop Main Street initiatives. Do you think this is a rebuke of globalization?
  7. Globalization’s impact on jobs and wages is an important topic for debate. What are the major points for globalization in the jobs and wages debate, and how do the actions of large multinational corporations affect the issues in the jobs and wages debate?


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