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Economic Globalization | Economics homework help

Have you done anything or worked with any institutions that have helped the poor in developing countries? Can you describe what you did? If you did, what did you find worked, what didn’t? If you have not, what do you think would work or wouldn’t in helping the poor?

Which of the following would most impact differences in the workplace due to a global workforce?

A) Worker productivity levels

B) Worker skill levels

C) Worker motivational levels

D) All of the above

As developing countries gain the benefits of hosting new global businesses, they become less dependent on international relations. Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

Which of the following entry methods is especially appealing to foreign firms entering the markets of transition economies?

A) joint ventures with local businesses

B) the purchase of former state enterprises

C) collaborative ventures within blocs

D) exporting and importing products

Growing demand for expatriates stems from which of the following trends?

A) the emergence of developing countries as high-growth markets

B) the resurgence of developed countries as high-growth markets

C) the reduced need for localized expatriate assignments

D) the longer-term assignments created in response to the global credit crisis


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