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Impacts to the community of Parramore of new development of the UCF Downtown campus

With the new UCF Downtown campus being cited in close proximity to a historically impoverished community located just west of downtown Orlando, and with our textbook concerning the Boston area’s Dudley community being so similar in many ways, I figure this presents us with a golden opportunity to expound on what we’ve learned over the semester and put it in words. Specifically, I want you to draft a 6-8 page paper (not counting the additional front matter (e.g. Title Page, Abstract) and back matter (e.g. References, optional Appendices)) comparing and contrasting the two communities of Parramore and Dudley. However, the comparison should comprise only a small component of your paper: I want you to be sure to discover and mention any adverse impacts to the community the new development (which includes the UCF Downtown campus) could potentially bring to Parramore and then tell how the residents of Dudley protected themselves (i.e. how did they strengthen their community when faced with the urban renewal plans of Boston. As was previously mentioned, the primary content of the paper should range between 6 to 8 pages in length (excluding the Title Page, the Abstract, the Table of Content, the References, and/or any Appendices). Moreover, it should

be written according to APA standards that govern margins, headings, headers, spacing, references, citations, etc.;
be free of spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation errors;
be written in the third-person;
utilize terms and phrases that are appropriate to undergraduate-level writing;
include a Title Page, an Abstract (on a separate page), an Introduction to the topic, a Literature Review, a References section, and/or any Appendices (optional)

The Dudley community is taken from ALL the book it need to be read: Streets of Hope. The fall and rise of an urban neighborhood. Peter Medoff and Holly Sklar.
About the development of UCF downtown building in Parramore Area needs to be search.


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