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Diversity in the American computer and science technology

In light of these changes it seems reasonable to assume leaders will need to consider alternative approaches to leadership, while followers may have to provide flexibility, willingness to learn and adapt, as well as having the ability to accept responsibility.
Write an essay explaining diversity in the American computer and science technology
Show how theory informs practice to develop solutions (you should be sure to cover leadership in terms of the process as covered in the lecture series – including all aspects of the process; person, influence, individual/groups and goals). Your work should be in essay format 2000 Words.
Marking criteria for assessment 2
• Coherent and convincing identification of a major challenge facing organisations in the contemporary world 20%
• Identification of relevant leadership and negotiation concepts, and insightful application to the essay topic 25%
• Evidence of reading from a range of reliable, valid and current sources; careful referencing 15%
• Critical and independent thinking 15%
• Good structure: an effective introduction and conclusion, logical organisation of material, effective use of paragraphs, integration of all sections into a unitary whole 15%
• Clear expression of ideas, well edited, high standard of presentation and attention to details 10%


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