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Psychology Final Essay

Choose one of the options listed below that you feel will enable you to individualize your learning in this class over the course of this semester.  Any of the options you choose will require you to be able to utilize your skills of literature review, critical analysis, knowledge syntheses, and presentation necessary to your professional development.
Option 1: Prevention Program
Design a new program for a specific population of adolescents that aims to prevent any one behavior problem.  Briefly describe the prevalence of the problem and what we do and do not know about the problem and its relevance for the selected population.  State why the program is needed and how it will address concerns that are not met by existing programs.  Then describe in detail your preferred program for preventing this problem on the part of at-risk adolescents.  Explicate the assumptions that underlie your problem and the theoretical rationales for it.  Describe in detail the main objectives, procedures and steps employed in the program’s implementation.  Discuss one actual or potential weakness or deficiency of your proposed program and how you will reduce or eliminate it.  Explain in detail how you will evaluate the program in order to determine whether or not it is, in fact, effective at addressing the identified weakness and attaining your desired outcome

Option 2: Adolescent Resource
Select 1 type of adolescent risk status (such as parent divorce, marital discord, parent mental illness, peer antisocial behavior).  Explain what we know and do not know about this risk status including its prevalence, causes and consequences.  Prepare a guide, manual, short story, game, video, DVD, booklet, or interactive website for adolescents who are at especially high-risk in this area.  It should help the at-risk adolescent to anticipate and/or cope with the problems posed by her/his risk status.  Cite the particular age range of the targeted adolescents.  Specify clearly the precise behavioral outcomes that are desired or expected from utilization of your resource.  Draw extensively upon the available literature in order to justify the content of your resource.  The resource should
(1) identify the major problems and/or quandaries that ought to be anticipated by the at-risk adolescent
(2) their likelihood of not occurring
(3) factors or dynamics that determine whether and how they are likely to emerge
(4) specific ways for the at-risk adolescent to anticipate, avert and cope with them. In an accompanying brief document, state the rationales supporting evidence and appropriate citations for items 1-4 above.  Explain whether or not similar resources are available elsewhere and if so, why your resource is likely to be more useful than them. Explicate in detail how you will evaluate whether or not your resource is in fact useful for attaining the desired outcomes
You need to find 10 academic sources by yourself to support your writing and cite them all in APA style.


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