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Fact Sheet. early children hood, pros and cones

The purpose of the final research project is to create a “fact sheet” that provides clear, engaging, and helpful summary that is intended to be useful for parents, educators, community leaders or policy makers who aim to improve individual and/or family well-being. The research topics will have direct and practical relevance to people and communities. The fact sheet should be 2-3 pages in length, single spaced, and consist of four sections: 1) summarizes the research area, 2) identifies areas where future research is needed, 3) highlights key findings, and 4) offers specific and practical program and policy suggestions to help improve individual/family well-being.The content of the fact sheet will be graded for organization, coherence, clarity of writing, ease of understanding, and the extent to which the practical suggestions are based on research findings. Fact sheets must include recommendations based on at least two peer-reviewed research articles. A brief (1 paragraph) description of your topic and the citations for two peer-reviewed articles that you plan to incorporate into your fact sheet need to be uploaded to .


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