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Comparison Task

Using American Exodus and 4-5 outside sources, compare the experiences of the “Okie” Migrant Laborers in California with that of Hispanics in the State (in gold rush time period).

Research Paper Requirements

4-5 pages of your own writing , double-spaced, and typed with 1 inch margins and font size 10-12 only.
The page requirement must be met. If you turn in a 2-page paper, you have written only 50% of the required length, and are eligible for a maximum of 50% of the points.
A title page, documentation [endnote, parenthetic citation or in-source citation] and a bibliography [which do NOT count toward the minimum # of pages].
Use of 4-5 scholarly sources [only one may be an encyclopedia or a textbook], listed in an approved bibliographical format [APA, MLA, CMS are all acceptable (Pertains to second paper). See the ‘paper help’ page for a quick summary of in-text citation].
Only 1/3 of all sources used may come from the Internet. Online digital libraries, like Lexus/Nexus, Ebsco-Host and the Gale Network do not count toward this total, as these libraries are most likely to have quality sources. When in doubt: email me.
Proper documentation of information with appropriate citations throughout text.
Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar throughout the paper, written in an academic style.
A title page consisting of: title of paper, student’s name, class name and crn, instructor’s name, and date of submission. Pictures and style are at writer’s discretion.
When using images, they should all be attached in an appendix with textual comments such as ‘see appendix A’. Charts and images do NOT count toward the 4-5 page requirement.
All documents must be submitted in .doc, .docx, or .odt format. If you do not have OpenOffice (which is free), or Microsoft Word, take some time online to find out how to convert your Google Docs into one of these three formats.


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