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Interpretation of the Book of Revelation

*The instruction here might be NOT CLEAR! Please listen to the voice memo if anything is unclear.
*Please use the simplest words in the essay because I am an international student. Thank you very much!

One of the great misunderstandings of the book of revelation is that it is predicted. It’s predicting the end of everything, it’s also to say that ending is about the place. This course is trying to allure you the fact that is not accurate.
You have to take a look at the term Profit, Prophecy

Prophecy in the Bible is not essentially about predicting.
Profit in the Bible is alerting people that a condition they are in is going to be deeply changed, affected.
It is also a warning that this consequence will take place soon.
But its major is about listeners reforming their lives.
So Prophecy in the Bible is essentially a call to convert people, to get them to reform their lives and they are God-centered not self-centered.

So when we talk about the book of revelation it is not simply Prophecy, book of revelation is called to convert people.

Patmos John, as understood by various scholars, is not
One problem we have after two thousand years dealing with these materials written long ago is that people who wrote them didn’t have us in mind, nor did they have our preferences in mind when they started to write. They weren’t thinking of human beings living in post-modern, post-Christian society, they thought they were repeating some materials that Patmos John has preached about. We know that there are examples of the book of revelation that are floating around in the 3rd and 4th centuries, but they don’t make it into every list of books. Why book of revelation does not get included as the official book of the Bible until very late…

As we look at the source of the book of revelation, and its content, it is a call to conversion from Patmos John who says it was a revelation from the Angel?
Called conversion because according to Patmos John’s letter, he was calling the Christian to abandon any kind of loyalty or interaction with Roman Life. They were to live almost as outsiders to the Roman empire. That is not the message of someone was making very clear that Jesus wanted his followers to forgive one another and to also to well feed the hungry, and not be an outsider of real life…

What to do: to comment on these from your perspective. Contemporary perspective.

Most of us are infected with suspicion, we don’t know what to do.
science will offer an answer to everything. There is no absolute truth in post modernness.
What believes in what truth. We live in different level, poverty, wellness…

Write about what’s like to read the book of revelation in the 21 century.
We are not living in a modern world, the modern world ended in 1945. Because what means to be a modern person,
We believe always in the future, we believe things will always to
Look at the condition of our planet and environment

The modern era ended 1947 w/ the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
* Modernism is defined by a belief that things(society, life etc) will get better over time
* Currently in postmodernism 
Defined by constant suspicion of what is real/ true
* Patmos
Book of revelation is used in crisis literature


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