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Grand Challenges for Engineering

The 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering are the following (see also www.engineeringchallenges.org):
1. Make solar energy economical
2. Provide energy from fusion
3. Develop carbon sequestration
4. Manage the nitrogen cycle
5. Provide access to clean water
6. Restore and improve urban
7. Advance health informatics
8. Engineer better medicines
9. Reverse engineer the brain
10. Prevent nuclear terror
11. Secure cyberspace
12. Enhance virtual reality
13. Advance personal learning
14. Engineer the tools of scientific
A booklet outlining the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges is posted on OneNote.
Write a project report on one of the Grand Challenges. The report is due Monday, December 2, 2019.
Please send your report to me via email ([email protected]). The report should be in pdf format with
a filename as follows: ENGR156_LASTNAME.
Project Report
Create a report that includes the following information:
1. Introduction
A. Which Grand Challenge did you select?
B. How will society benefit if solutions are developed for this Grand Challenge?
2. Background
A. What background information is necessary for the college-educated, but not
necessarily technically literate, person to understand the importance of this Grand
B. Identify some examples of current research that address this challenge?
3. Meeting the Grand Challenge
A. What is the one most critical issue preventing progress on meeting this Grand
B. How can this one issue be addressed so that progress can be made on meeting this
Grand Challenge?
4. References
A. What technical references did you use to answer these questions? You must cite at
least one book or refereed journal article and one website; you may not cite Wikipedia,
but should instead cite primary sources. Be sure to cite all references using APA
formatting (https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html)
Page 2 of 2
B. Note: many websites contain biased information. The checklist provided at
http://guides.lib.berkeley.edu/evaluating-resources will help you to evaluate the
validity of the information presented on a given website. In general, websites with .edu
and .gov domains are reliable sources of information.

Your report should be written as a narrative and not just answers the questions given above. Write
prose, not bulleted lists. Compose a compelling story. It is OK to use headings in your document
that correspond to the outline headings above.


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