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Philosophical Essay

Description from Syllabus
Either a paper or a presentation which must include elements on
argumentation/fallacies/informal logic. This Assignment must demonstrate the
student’s ability to cognitively integrate and critically analyze the various
philosophical views. The student must responsibly address the core
philosophical view under question and effectively communicate, via an analysis
of argumentation/fallacies/informal logic, the relevant information of the
philosophical view or views under question. 64 points (16% of final grade)

You are to take an argument, either one of the ones I send you or one you have
found, provided you have it approved by me, and then analyze it logically.
Put the argument into at least semi-standard form, with all of the premises
identified clearly.
Break it down into parts, if it is composed of more than one part.
Then analyze each part, or the undivided whole, and say whether it is valid or
invalid, and say why you think so, and whether each premise is known to be true
(that is, is at least probably true and believed by at least most people), and
say why you think so.


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