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Philosophy Case Study

Case study
Writing requirements
 writing is clear with no spelling and grammar problem
 The required font, line spacing, and style are applied
 The required length of paper is observed -5-7 pages, + cover page & reference list
 Cover page and reference pages present
 Informed consent is present
 Information is well organized
 Introduction. Body , and conclusion are present
 References made to the text book when used
 The discussion has a meaningful flow
 A list of question interviews are attached
 An overview of the period of young adult
 A couple theories describing this stage of life presented
 The rational for using case study method for this report
 Objectives of the case study
Presentation of the body of information
 Educational achievement is address
 Employment experiences explained
 Marital status is addressed
 Parenthood is addressed
 Challenges in social relationships described
 Failures and successes are presented
 A sense of self at the present time is given
 Expectations for the future is present
Conclusions about the outcomes of studies presented
 A summary of the of study is given
 A brief Interpretation of the results is given
 Your own experience and learning in writing of this paper


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