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Attackers Behind The Wall

Read article “Attackers behind the wall” The paper will be graded in compliance with APA/MLA format, use of English, and coverage of the topic. This is NOT just a summarization of the paper –the student is expected to use other sources to amplify on strengths, weaknesses, and comparison of the attributes of article against others sources. The main body requirementof the article review should be 10 to 15 complete pages (narrative section, not counting cover, Reference section, etc. ).The main body must include an introduction (abstract) and a summary of your own thoughts. Was the paper easy to read? Was the topic interesting? What did you learn from this?The student group must cite at least 12 peer-reviewed resources which have not been published prior to 2016. Preferred sources include refereed papers/journal articles, books; the use of web articles alone is unacceptable. The student will select one paper from the discussion, which will be exclusively assigned to him/her. I do have a copy of all papers that are to be reviewed in the event that the paper is lost or misplaced.The Article Review comprises 15% of the students’ grade. This paper is due on December 5, 2019.The due date is the very last day of this course. Therefore, I am unable to accept papers after the due date.


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