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Introduction To computing

The goal of this project is to bring many of the strands together, in a grounded, real-world situation/scenario and which fully explores the potential and nature of connectedness.

The focus will be on ‘ecosystems’ of interacting internet appliances. You are going to consider how several different devices can work together to solve a shared problem.

What does an ‘ecosystem’ of IoT devices mean? Let’s use the analogy of cooking. To make a meal, we don’t just use one ‘thing’; we use a series of ‘things’ together. To cook our dinner, we need our fridge to store and keep the food fresh, a knife to chop, and cutting board to prepare on, a tin opener, a saucepan, an oven, etc. All of these things work together to help us achieve the overall goal. Each of them as a specific function within the overall task. The same is true of the Internet of Things; real-world problems are complex, and often require a series of complementary devices or interacting systems that work with one another to achieve the desired outcome.

1. Do some research and brainstorming to develop a future IoT concept for a major industry of your choice. You are to imagine a scenario that could feasibly exist in 5 years’ time. This should include a vision for an ecosystem of interacting connected products. This ecosystem would solve a problem, enhance the experience of your selected industry (or any aspect of it), or just make day-to-day life activity easier.
2. You will need to develop (in theory) a draft of two to three new device ideas to illustrate this concept and that interact with one another to support your problem or experience from item one. You must explain what they do and how they work together with each other.
3. Post your ideas in well-formed sentences and paragraphs in the appropriate discussion forum. Minimum word count of 250. Use the Course Resources to assist you. Cite your sources.


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