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Formative Assessment Essay Plan

Discuss how the media contribute to processes of racialization and what theoretical concepts have been used by media scholars to analyse this issue.

You will have the opportunity to submit a 500 word plan
The essay plan should indicate the sources you intend to use; and present a brief outline of your main arguments. Do specify which theoretical debates you will engage with; and the main arguments in your answer. It is acceptable to use bullet points, but the more specific you can be about your intended content and arguments, the more useful the feedback can be. Do specify which sources you will utilise to construct particular arguments where relevant.

Each essay should refer to and utilise a minimum of five academic sources (journal articles, books, book chapters – newspaper articles are not academic sources and you may use them to make a point, but they will not count as one of the required five) – most essays which get a high 2:2 or above, utilise more than the bare minimum sources specified;
A good essay will draw upon theoretical debates as well as engage with themes covered in the lectures and draw on debates across the module content;
A good essay will try to make linkages between different themes and theoretical debates;
Don’t sit on the fence – based on the research you undertake in order to write your essay, do reflect on and arrive at some position;
It does not matter what position you arrive at, so long as you can show how you arrived there and why is it persuasive. Some things to consider – what evidence in the form of theoretical debates and research evidence backs up your position; have you taken account of contrary perspectives; if so, does your position hold up to critical scrutiny?
Please make sure you refer to the SSPS assessment guide, which is available under the tab ‘assessments’. This will contain more general guidelines about referencing, structure of the written work, plagiarism, etc.
It’s will be better if you have British writer because it’s uk uni and the deadline will be after 30 hours from now and if you need any note email me please thanks


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